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Fran Johnson

Fran Johnson


(1959- )

Fran Johnson was born in Prince Rupert BC in February 1959. She is from the community of Gitlaxt’aamix of the Nisga’a Nation. She is a Nisga’a carver, painter, and Fashion designer and has been living in Terrace since 2013. She graduated from the Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art in 2015. Fran continues to carve and believes her art is created from within and is a fine example of who she really is.

I come from the Nisga’a Nation and live in the community of Gitlaxt’aamiks, Nass River, B.C. I am of the Laxgibuu (Wolf) clan and from the house of Ksdiyaawak. Being raised in the Nass Valley, I have been taught our Nisga’a traditional way of life and come from a strong cultural background, and am a firm believer of our ayuuk (Nisga’a laws). Listening to adaawak (stories/legends) from my grandparents, uncles, and elders, and being a participant in cultural dancing has brought a keen interest to fine arts, as well as a passion in fashion design.

I am a first year student of the Freda Diesing Fine Arts Program and have successfully completed my first year. With school at a close I will spend my summer months at my job as a manager for the Nisga’a Museum in Laxgalts’ap, B.C.

Being a firm believer in our ayuuk and our Nisga’a cultural way of life has taught me to express myself in my art and fashion. “In my art you see me from the inside out, my spirit, my passion, my story.”

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