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Loretta Quock Sort

Loretta Quock Sort

Tahltan (Tsesk’iye Crow Clan)

(1974- )

Loretta Quock Sort is from the Klappan Ko’tin Clan that is a Tsesk’iye Clan (Crow) within the Tahltan Nation. She was born in Terrace, B.C. in October 1974, and she is the ninth out of eleven children born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Quock Sr. Loretta was raised traditional off-the-land in Telegraph Creek, B.C. for the first 26 years, and during that time she learned how to sew and bead with tanned moose hide and fabric. This is where her love for the textile art has started. She then moved to Dease Lake, B.C. and taught the Tahltan language and culture for the next ten years, and there she created the curriculum, which includes oral history stories booklets, button blankets, drums, and First Nations art, along with numerous worksheets.

Growing up as a child, Loretta was surrounded by First Nations Art within her culture with her traditional dancing regalia. Loretta Quock Sort is currently living in Terrace, B.C. and is enrolled in the Freda Diesing Fine Arts program; her teachers are Stan Bevan, Ken McNeil, Dempsey Bob and Dean Herron. She works predominantly in the medium of textile art, working with fabric, beading, and tanned moose hide, as well as carving, designing, and painting. She has a passion for First Nations Art. Loretta Quock Sort received the Freda Diesing Award for her first year.

Within her culture when you make something for the first time, you have to give it away. Her parents have her first spoon, her oldest son Robert has her first mask “Long Face Willie Campbell,” her second son Joshua has her first paddle “Dekama” and her daughter Natasha has her first bowl “Bear Grease Bowl.”

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