Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)
Joel Marsters

Joel Marsters

Māori (Te Arāwa, Te Whākātohea)

(1990- )

Joel’s main medium is poūnāmu (New Zealand jade) however he has worked in other mediums, such as bone and other culturally important stones such as onewa (greywacke) and pākohe (argillite).

While a student at Tē Tākapu o Rōtōwhio (Stone, Bone and Jade) school at Tē Pūia, Joel has learned of the importance of looking at the old taonga (treasures) of the Māori to inspire the works that he creates.

Joel graduated from Tē Pūia in March 2013 and has been carving as a professional artist since. Joel hopes to give back to his īwi and hāpū (tribe and sub tribe) in some way and believes that by maintaining a love and passion for the work will keep the art of whākairo (carving) alive. Joel has a strong work ethic and attitude which drives him to research develop and master each piece he creates.

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