Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Norman Noah Nappatuk Alasuak


Akulivik, Quebec, Canada

(1978- )

Norman Noah works at the Akulivik co-operative as grocery manager since 1998 and has been carving since 1994-95 and carves after work, lunch hours, and Saturdays.

He learned carving by observing his father and he also observed his grandfather Sakiriasie Nappatuk carving as a young boy.

He heard his grandfather Sakiriasie Nappatuk, his mother’s father, tell stories of seal hunt and ice fishing.

He goes to Akuliaqattaq 30 km south of Akulivik to extract soapstone in the summertime by canoe.

It was his father who he followed when he would go to the land to extract soapstone and now he goes on his own when before he would go also with his grandfather Sakiriasie Nappatuk.

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