Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Agnes Nanogak


Holman, Northwest Territories, Canada

(1925- )

“[Agnes Nanogak’s] mother was of Mackenzie Delta/Copper Eskimo background; her father, William Natkutsiak (Billy Banksland), came from Alaska as a guide to explorer Vilhjalmur Stefannson. Nanogak moved to Holman, Northwest Territories, at the age of twelve, married Wallace Goose, and raised seven children. She is one of Holman’s most prominent and prolific artists, having contributed a total of about one hundred forty images to twenty annual print collections since 1967, when her artistic career began.

“Nanogak is an enthusiastic storyteller and illustrator. In 1972 Nanogak created the illustrations for the book ‘Tales from the Igloo.’ 1986 saw the publication of ‘More Tales from the Igloo’, this time not only illustrated but also narrated by Nanogak herself. Nanogak’s fascination with Aesop-like animal tales, stories of shamans, and myths has been a constant throughout her career. Stylistically, her works are characterized by their bold colors, fluid lines, and nervous energy. This is in large part the result of her use of narrow felt tip pens.”

Agnes Nanogak is the sister of the Holman graphic artist Peter Aliknak.

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