Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Makusi Anauta (Anautak)


Akulivik, Quebec, Canada

(1939- )

Makusi Pangutu Anauta was born in Kikitayuak. Married in 1960, he and his wife Lucy have eight children. They have lived in both Povungnituk and Akulivik. Makusi has been actively carving since 1955, and for a brief time, he served on the Board of Directors of La Federation des Cooperatives du Nouveau-Quebec.

Throughout Makusi’s career, two distinct stylistic directions have emerged — each of which is equally resolved. While one favours the natural renderings of female figures with soft, plumpish curves and bulbous faces — the other operates on a more abstract level of expressive, sharply defined edges, delicate masses and strong diagonals.

One factor that is always apparent and constant in this artist’s sculptures is his obvious commitment to accurately portray the traditional life of the Inuit. In addition to the repeated theme of women active with daily chores, Markusi also depicts sea spirits, various hunting scenes, birds, and sleeping figures. His carvings usually sit solidly on an integrated base.

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