Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Qaluituk Kingwatsiaq


Cape Dorset, Nunavut Territory, Canada

(1967- )

Qaluituk Kingwatsiaq was born in Cape Dorset on May 13, 1967. She is the daughter of the late Mikkigak Kingwatsiaq and her mother was Novalinga Kingwatsiaq. Both of her parents were carvers, as is her aunt, the well respected, Oviloo Tunnillie.

Qaluituk took part in the 2010 etching workshop in Cape Dorset conducted by Studio PM and made this unusual drawing of a butterfly (Tarrilikitaarq, 2012-24). Her favourite subjects are birds and scenes depicting people engaged in traditional outings and chores. Qaluituk enjoys art making and she has recently applied to the jewelry design program at Nunavut Arctic College. We hope that she will also become a more regular contributor to the Kinngait Studios.

There is currently no artwork on display for Qaluituk Kingwatsiaq. If you would like to inquire about this artist, then please contact the gallery.

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